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  • n. Plural form of amine.


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  • The Wolverine Power project would test organic compounds known as amines, which separate carbon dioxide from other gases given off when coal is burned.

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  • These include the nitrogen-containing molecules called amines, which tend to smell of ammonia, rotting meat and corpses: "very stinky", says Rosenberg.

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  • When it was realized a few years later that others in the class were not "amines," but a word was still needed, it was shortened to "vitamin."

    The Nobel Prize and the Discovery of Vitamins

  • Adding a basic mate - that the facility's five cooling towers had accumu­ rial, such as amines to the steam will neutralize lated a significant amount of dirt an biological the acid as the steam condenses, keeping the pH growth.

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  • For example, Hoveyda explains, olefin metathesis can be difficult to use on compounds that contain sterically hindered alkenes and certain functional groups, such as amines and carbonyls.

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  • Then, it can react with almost all end groups found in biological molecules such as amines, amides, hydroxyls, sufhydryls, reactive hydrogen atoms from aromatic amino acids, etc; the aldehyde combination result in the attachment of various hydroximethyl adducts at the original end groups Schematic view of formaldehyde fixation stages.

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  • Some cancers are caused by heterocyclic amines, DNA-damaging chemicals found in cooked meat and fish.

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  • For one thing, carcinogenic chemicals called heterocyclic amines form when creatine -- a substance found in muscle tissue -- reacts at high temperatures with amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

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  • Carcinogenic compounds called hererocyclic aromatic amines, or HAAs, produced whenever meat is cooked at high temperature.

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  • The Swiss have shown that amines, a family of chemicals that include histamines, but also more potent products such as those mentioned by “in8 enophile”, are indeed produced by such unwelcome bacteria.

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