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  • n. Plural form of alcohol.


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  • It depends what medium they are in - alcohols last longer than other options - but rule of thumb is a year but can go longer if they are in an alcohol base.

    Lipstick Recipes

  • The problem with sugar alcohols is that they cause digestive complaints in many people.

    Lactitol - Another Nondairy "Lact"

  • Eliminating wheat from my diet rules out most vodkas and other grain alcohols, but it’s really ambiguous from the available medical information (both mainstream and hippy-dippy) whether my beloved Scotch is a problem.

    In Liquor-Related News… « Skid Roche

  • Among them were 65 allusions to brand-name alcohols, cigarettes or prescription drugs.

    Branding For Beginners

  • The epidermis is usually a single layer of cells that secretes several surface coatings, including a fatty material called cutin, and wax long molecules made by joining fatty acids with alcohols, which is what makes many fruits naturally take a shine.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • The alcohols are a mixture of eicosanol and docosanol, with smaller quantities of hexacosanol and alcohols of lower molecular weight.

    4 Jojoba Oil

  • Its already a place which is not secured and aware of these facts even the womens were found there not only found there but were enjoying alcohols, which is not in Indian Culture.

  • An interesting paper from Hotta, et al, in Kagaku to Kogyo (Osaka) 41 (1967) 269 reports that Raney-Ni heated with small amounts of organics, such as alcohols exploded on heating to about 200 oC.

    Rabett Run

  • In some, a part of that energy worked through molecular processes to liquefy water; others substituted organic compounds, such as alcohols, with lower freezing points; for most, solidification of fluids was important to one stage or another of the life cycle.

    A Circus of Hells

  • Apart from the terpenes proper, he also investigated and scientifically characterized various previously known or newly discovered natural products, such as alcohols, ketones, sesquiterpenes and polyterpenes belonging to the terpene series, which in part are also of great significance in biological and technical respects.

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1910 - Presentation Speech


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