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  • n. to beg, particularly using the phrase “spare change?”


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of spare and change, from stereotyped phrase “spare change?”, “[can you] spare any change?” Its derivation also relates to the word sponge. (That is to say spanging is sponging.)


  • Report Commentby dirrtchik @ 10: 07am - Wed Mar 4th, 2009 ogden is almost as scary as walking through it. when i was younger it was actually a pretty decent place to go bowling and everything now you cant even walk out of the gas station without being asked for spange.

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  • There are a few organizations who work with street kids, but they often struggle with funding, lack of community support because still to this day, there is Such a huge denial of the numbers of kids in real trouble on the streets … and it doesn't help when you have kids today who think its 'trendy' to hang out as if they are street kids and 'spange' and there are a lot of them, these kids are usually from the upper middle class who are 'rebelling', the ones you Will see on the streets hanging out in downtown malls and centers, and the problem with this is that people get desensitized and they think, that these kids are the norm …

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