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  • v. Present participle of spang.
  • v. Present participle of spange.


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  • As she dove for the door, her question was answered: gunshots erupted from the drilling platform, spanging off the bulkhead.

    Gideon’s war

  • The only office not physically touching the others on Beaverboard Row, intentionally set apart, is a little corrugated shack, stovepipe coming out the top, pieces of automobile lying around rusted solid in the yard, piles of wood under rain-colored and failing canvas, a house trailer with its tires and one wheel tilted forlorn in the spanging of the cold rain at its weathered outsides ...

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • His trembling hand sent the bullet spanging into the wooden frame of the door.

    Get Out of Our Skies!

  • These brawny, half-naked, sweaty giants -- what a grand spanging music of labor rang from under their hammers!

    The U. P. Trail

  • For a moment there was imminent peril for the horses, more in the yawning hole than in the spanging of badly aimed bullets.

    The Rainbow Trail

  • He plodded down the trail, scowling blackly and viciously spanging the wire.


  • Despite those resources, "spanging" spare-changing, or panhandling at Zuccotti has become commonplace, as have fights, near-fights and open-air drug sales.

    NY Daily News

  • See all 271 entries (open) (AnKiddieWomb using the lower bandwidth version, Fri 16 Apr, 22: 52, Reply) sweet dancing grandma! that deserves a spanging, but i'm too busy giggling


  • On Monday June 29th, the City of Grand Junction tried to pass two emergency ordinances outlawing "soliciting," also known as flying a sign or spanging.

    Colorado Indymedia

  • I have my spanging pan handy but I shall only use it once I've sussed it.



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  • "Spare change?"-ing. Pan handling, begging, etc.

    May 19, 2008