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  • noun One who spars; one who practises boxing. Thackeray, Adventures of Philip, vii.


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  • Same as a sparrer hawk watches a mouse, just afore she stoops.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • Says she, 'I never hear a sparrer chirpin' and a kittle b'ilin ', that I don't think o' the dinner Mary Andrews had the day Judge McGowan spoke at the big barbecue. '

    Aunt Jane of Kentucky

  • He _would_ go on the ice just below the locks, when it would hardly bear a sparrer, let alone a drunk Robin, and he naturally goes under before he'd gone a dozen yards.

    Acton's Feud A Public School Story

  • Atter dat Tenie sot a sparrer-hawk fer ter watch de tree; en w'en de woodpecker come erlong nex 'mawnin' fer ter finish his nes ', he got gobble' up mos 'fo' he stuck his bill in de bark.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue

  • I was makin 'her a cup o' tea one day, and the kittle was bubblin 'and singin', and she begun to laugh, and says she, 'Jane, do you hear that sparrer chirpin' in the peach tree there by the window? '

    Aunt Jane of Kentucky

  • What a spry little thing you was, a-hoppin 'about among the mahogany and walnut stuff like a young sparrer!

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 121, November, 1867

  • 'E was weak as a kid and chirpy as a sparrer, and only cursin' becos 'e was out of things for the rest of the war.

    Mud and Khaki Sketches from Flanders and France

  • As for Tony, he was more a fighter than a sparrer.

    The Pothunters

  • Ye see, sir, though doleful, Mr. Bimby's very kind 'earted, and' e's always a-nussing somebody or something -- last time it were a dog with a broke leg -- ah, I've knowed 'im bring' ome stray cats afore now, many's the time, and once a sparrer.

    The Amateur Gentleman


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