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  • noun the head and sharpened point of a spear


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  • I screamed and closed with him, seizing his right wrist as the spear-point swung at my breast, my hand slipping on that oily skin; I drove a knee at his groin, butting him for all I was worth and trying to bite his throat - all I got was a mouthful of monkey -, skin collar, and God, how he stank!


  • Then he so foined him in the breast that the spear-point issued from his back and he cried out, saying, Ho! will none come out?

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • The crowd jeered as he was jabbed at spear-point towards the hole.

    Crusader Gold

  • The crowd jeered as he was jabbed at spear-point towards the hole.

    Crusader Gold

  • During the first couple weeks of His exercise program, He couldn't work out on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes without gasping for breath and aggravating the old spear-point injury in His side.

    Satire: Christ Getting In Shape For Second Coming

  • This guy is the spear-point of Chairman and Chief Executive Robert J. Ulrich's savvy marketing machine, seducing "regular folks" with impressive cunning.

    Ulrich's Target Joins Top Ten Credit-Card Issuers

  • That's the spear-point security tech selected by the U.S. National Security Agency to protect classified government information.

    Sun's McNealy To Keynote, Reveal At RSA Conference

  • Once the spear-point of Communism's global march into the Western hemisphere--reaching a dark zenith with the installation of Kremlin missiles in 1962-- Castro's Cuba came on harder times after the collapse of its mighty patron, the late USSR.

    Castro Health Scare Brings First Power Shift Since 1959

  • Scarcely a word had been spoken between them and when I essayed various dialects I only got the prod of a spear-point.

    The Moon of Skulls

  • The happy ones end with the victor returning hime juggling the bad guy's head on a spear-point. RUSSIANS AS ESKIMOS.


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