from The Century Dictionary.

  • Free from specks or spots; spotless; fleckless; perfectly clean, clear, or bright: as, speckless linen; a speckless sky.

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  • adjective spotless, perfectly clean
  • adjective spotless; without blemish

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  • adjective completely neat and clean


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

speck +‎ -less


  • I would get this really happy feeling when I was putting on my coat if I could look around and everything was nice: the glasses turned upside down and shining, the carpet speckless and smooth like a mowed lawn, the pillows on the bed fat and indented.


  • The tired chestnut dropped into a walk; and the rim of the sun, all red in a speckless sky, touched familiarly the smooth top of a ploughed rise near the road as I had seen it times innumerable touch the distant horizon of the sea.

    Amy Foster

  • When he came down, speckless after his bath, he found his mother scrupulous in a low evening dress, and, to his annoyance, his Uncle

    In Chancery

  • The leaded windows were bright and speckless, and the door-stone was as clean as a white boulder at ebb tide.

    Adam Bede

  • He started slowly up the hill, his angular knees and high shoulders bent complainingly, his eyes fixed on his feet, yet, neat for all that, in his high hat and his frock-coat, on which was the speckless gloss imparted by perfect superintendence.

    The Man of Property

  • Smoothly and gracefully, carefully preserving the speckless integrity of her dress, never hastening her pace, and never looking aside to the right hand or the left, Miss Gwilt pursued her way toward the open country.


  • They crossed the bridge, and lo, all the paths lay open before them; but their gaze was readily attracted by a brick cottage spotless and cool-looking; whose walls were constructed of polished bricks, of uniform colour; (whose roof was laid) with speckless tiles; and whose enclosing walls were painted; while the minor slopes, which branched off from the main hill, all passed along under the walls on to the other side.

    Hung Lou Meng

  • In half an hour more, Mr. Bygrave — spruce, speckless, and respectable as ever — appeared on the Parade, sauntering composedly in the direction of

    No Name

  • Porpoises, snow-white terns sitting on drifting wood, sea-eagles, ospreys, sea-snakes, sails, the smudge of steamer-smoke and its ten-mile plume, sunlit isles and speckless sky, with no sound save the purring of the engine and the prattle of the water against the bows — a catalogue of the commonplace, and yet stimulative of entertainment and content.

    Last Leaves from Dunk Island

  • Modest and tasteful poverty expressed itself in the speckless cleanliness and the modestly proportioned skirts of her light “print” gown, and in the scanty little mantilla of cheap black silk which she wore over it, edged with a simple frilling of the same material.



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