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  • adj. Not rumpled; free of rumpling


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ rumpled


  • Only then did call-me-Ben deign to enter, his gray heart-pulsing suit as smooth and unrumpled as his hair and face.


  • When the dust cleared, Bruno was still in the same seat, his tie unrumpled.

    The Spitting of Spitzer

  • Every picture of him, (not counting the famous one on the aircraft carrier) shows him wearing the most thoroughly unrumpled suit I have ever seen on a man who wasn't standing behind a podium introducing guests.

    Merrill Markoe: Why Bush's Suits Bug Me So Much

  • Their smiles were unwavering, their suits unrumpled, their aplomb unbreakable.

    A tip of the hat | Seattle Metblogs

  • You must somewhat reform your dress, upon a more grave and composed fashion; wear your cloak on both shoulders, and your falling band unrumpled and well starched.


  • When Aimee Semple McPherson escaped her kidnappers, she walked through the desert in Mexico and appeared in a village, her clothes unrumpled, her shoes perfectly white.

    Walking on Air

  • She was dressed as on the preceding Wednesday in her lilac gown of frailest organdy, but it had evidently been washed and starched since then, for it was fresh and unrumpled.

    The Beautiful and Damned

  • Unlike Amenda or me, she had on another tailored coverall and a matching jacket which was definitely unrumpled.

    Timegod's World

  • He rummaged through the piles of clothing on the floor, and found a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that were relatively clean and unrumpled.

    Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows

  • In spite of the fact that he must have been wakened by Salteris 'messenger, his broad linen cravat was neatly tied and his shirt-ruffles unrumpled.

    The Silent Tower


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