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  • n. Plural form of spermatozoon.

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  • A supposed class or other group of animalcules; sperm-animals: so called before their nature was known, when they were regarded as independent parasitic organisms.
  • Plural of spermatozoön.


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  • The "fertilisation" of the frog's eggs is effected in ordinary conditions by the presence in the water of the pond, into which the female sheds them, of microscopic sperm-filaments (often called spermatozoa, or simply "sperms") which are shed into the water at the same time by the male frog.

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  • The animalculists held that the spermatozoa were the true germs, and appealed to the lively movements and the structure of these bodies.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1

  • Into this casket, by a secret opening, filmy tubes thrown out by the pollen grains -- now enticed from their hiding-place on the stamens and clustered on the stigma -- enter and pour a fertilizing fluid, called "spermatozoa," through a microscopic gateway, which opens in the wall of the egg and leads to its inmost heart.

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  • Dr Allen Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, said: "As a sperm biologist of 20 years 'experience, I am unconvinced from the data presented in this paper that the cells produced ... can be accurately called' spermatozoa '."

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  • Dr Allan Pacey, from the University of Sheffield, said: "As a sperm biologist of 20 years 'experience, I am unconvinced from the data presented in this paper that the cells … produced by Professor Nayernia's group can be accurately called' spermatozoa '."

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  • Instead, they go rogue, secretly adding human genes to the mixture, producing a clandestine offspring which, at first, looks like a mammoth spermatozoa dipped in motor oil.

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  • The tool used to genetically modify the chicken was developed by a team of three scientists at the Hyderabad-based Project Directorate on Poultry after two years of research using a gene of jellyfish and spermatozoa of a specific variety of chicken from the institute.

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  • An outright spermatozoa transforms the squeaky clean Scrubbing Bubbles characters into curious and mal-intentioned creatures.

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  • She lies in the bed with her toes pointed to the ceiling and Herb rummages around on top of her and grunts and the spermatozoa paddle forth.

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  • Not only there are many mammals with internal testicles but also birds having temperature often 42 Grad Celsius do not have any spermatozoa problems due higher temperature.

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