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  • n. an object that could be remotely tracked through space and time


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Coined by Bruce Sterling in 2004, as a blend of space and time.


  • A "spime" the word -- a contraction of "space" and "time" -- was coined by sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling is an object that, thanks to GPS and sensors, is aware of where and when it is, and can record and communicate these data.


  • And as Sterling had chosen a nonsense word for "spime" a concept with which I'd been previously familiar, I decided to do the same.

    Virtualizing the Physical

  • Sterling is moving freely in the landscape he is examining and with a extraordinary open mind he creates new concepts and ways of thinking, and even new words -- like "spime".


  • A 'spime' should also encompass relationships between things, and not just the "thingness" itself. (b) the sound of it (as Adam noted above).


  • There are a couple of things that have made me uncomfortable about the word 'spime': (a) the fact that it might be too easy to confuse with an "object".


  • I think about Bruce Sterling's "spime" in this context, and I see it as clearly connected to the tasks of the humanities and rhetoric and composition.

    digital digs

  • * Later this year I gotta do a presentation in France about the concept of "spime" and what happened to it.

    Warren Ellis

  • Sterling coins the term "spime" for them, these future manufactured objects with informational support so extensive and rich that they are regarded as material instantiations of an immaterial system.

    Usabilidoido [ feed completo ]

  • But then I am reminded of that horrible gooey interface used to plug into people in eXistenZ - it somehow seems appropriate that it should be a horrible gooey word, and not something that can disappear politely … So I like onto / ontome because it speaks to my first concern about 'spime'; but my second concern, it turns out, is not the problem I thought it was, and so onto / ontome might be … ahem … too euphonic!


  • The first spime they've designed is a smart application of distributed computing in the service of sustainability.



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  • Where is Borges when we need him?

    Paging el maestro novidente.

    October 29, 2008

  • Chained_bear, you crack me up.

    October 29, 2008

  • The next stage is an object that does not exist yet. It needs a noun, so that we can think about it. We can call it a "Spime," which is a neologism for an imaginary object that is still speculative. A Spime also has a kind of person who makes it and uses it, and that kind of person is somebody called a "Wrangler." At the moment, you are end-using Gizmos. My thesis here, my prophesy to you, is that, pretty soon, you will be wrangling Spimes.

    (Bruce Sterling, aka bruce flatware, Siggraph 2004)

    October 18, 2007

  • But what does this, or enspiming, mean? Right now it's just like recursion. (See recursion.)

    October 18, 2007

  • see also enspiming

    October 17, 2007