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  • n. In architecture, the moldings at the base of a column; a torus.


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  • In one incarnation the spira is a scooter-based low-cost, highly efficient, design for the masses, whilst it wouldn't take a lot to turn it into a wonderful, agile safe and ever so sporting three wheeled sports car, with cooled seats and all modern conveniences and a wicked power to weight ratio.

    Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

  • Although basically crooked enough to hide behind a spira l staircase, he is genuinely fond of Rafik and Acorna.


  • Jakob Bernouli, a mathematician from a great family of brilliant people, called the logarithmic spiral spira mirabilis, or "the Miraculous Spiral," so called because the size increases but its shape is unaltered with each successive curve.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • A. testa ovata; spira mediocri, tenui, semipellucida, vinosa; anfractu ultimo magno, ventricoso, postice ad suturas gibboso; apertura ovata; labio callo tenui mediocri obtecto, columella spiraliter tortuosa; labro convexo, margine acuto.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • P. testa ovata, rimata, ferruginea; spira mediocri, apice eroso; anfractibus tribus, convexis, simplicibus, transversim crebre crenato-striatis; apertura ovata, intus purpurascente; labio tenui, late reflexo; labro acuto.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • P. testa ovata, imperforata, solidiuscula, cornea; spira brevi, acuta, apice interdum papilloso; anfractibus quinque, convexiusculis; transversim striatis; apertura acuto-ovata; labio incrassato, spiraliter valde tortuoso; labro intus incrassato et fusco tincto, margine acuto, arcuato.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • A. testa ovata; spira elata, acuta, tenui, cornea; anfractu ultimo magno, non ventricoso, transversim creberrime striato; apertura oblongo-ovali; labio callo tenui expanso obtecto; labro simplici, acuto.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • V. testa turbinata, globoso-conica, umbilicata, spira mediocri erosa nodulosa, epidermide tenui pallide fusco-viridi obtecta, ad apicem purpurascente; anfractibus convexis, lineolis transversis et longitudinalibus elevatis decussatis, anfractu ultimo ad basin sulcis impressis spiralibus instructo; apertura ovata, antice subeffusa; labio vix reflexo.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • Helix perinflata, Pfr.T. umbilicata, globosa, solida, striis incrementi rugosis et lineis impressis antrorsum descendentibus decussata, isabellino-albida; spira convexo-conoidea, apice obtusa; anfr.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • P. testa ovali, postice abrupte truncata, imperforata, cornea; spira plana, tenui; anfractibus quatuor, planis, ultimo permagno, postice acute angulato, transversim obsolete striato; apertura oblongo-truncata; labio antice valde tortuoso; labro postice angulato.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart


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  • Latin Coil, or spring.

    July 9, 2008