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  • n. Plural form of splinter.

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  • n. wood in small pieces or splinters


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  • The very meaning of the term splinters depending upon which party one chooses to examine and some might be quite leery about the use of it.

    Irish Blogs

  • Yes | No | Report from willkillsdeer wrote 39 weeks 3 days ago hunting public land my buddys dad was leaning agaist a tree wearing a full orange body suit when some idiot put five slugs into the tree thankfuly he wasn't hurt other than some splinters from the tree they never found out who done it now that is scary

    What is your greatest fear while in the woods?

  • Let us have it out, and then I'll kiss the place to make it well as I used to do when I took the splinters from the fingers you are pricking so unmercifully, said the doctor, anxious to relieve his pet patient as soon as possible.

    Rose in Bloom

  • Many a traitor hand now drew forth its dagger, and the intemperate Badenoch, drunk with choler and mad ambition, snatching a sword from one of his accomplices, made another violent plunge at Wallace, but its metal flew in splinters on the guard-stroke of the regent, and left Badenoch at his mercy.

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • One manner not noted is rubbing the ends of your sticks together to get rid of splinters, which is apparently an insult to the restaurant or host that you think their chopsticks are cheap and splinter-prone.

    Bad table manners Japanese just can’t break

  • Then the warriors, returning, gave proof that they had indeed done something more than kick the wind, for they were covered with blood, and their legs were stuck full of large pines, with here and there an oak or hemlock, for the fight had been in a forest; so that they had been as much troubled as men would be with thistles, nettles, and pine splinters, which is truly often a great trouble.

    Algonquin Legends of New England

  • a fierce assault until the frail structure toppled to the ground in splinters.


  • Today, Sam is part of the small cadre of "splinters" the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of PT Boaters who are working to preserve their parents 'legacy.

    On VJ Day, New Generations Remember

  • Though the immune system is elegant — distinguishing between the organs, blood, tissues and cells that are part of the "self" and outside invaders such as splinters, dust or germs — it isn't perfect.

    A Delicate Balance

  • Another gentleman claimed he had received 'splinters' in the head from a machine gun malfunction when fighting aliens.

    Mind Hacks: October 2005 Archives


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  • The verb to splinter has the inflection splinters. 'He' or 'she' splinters something, so is transitive, but 'it' splinters itself or something else, so may be intransitive or transitive.

    The examples are nearly all of the plural of the noun, but the examples of the verb include one of a company that splinters.

    June 24, 2012