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  • adv. In a spontaneous manner; naturally; voluntarily.

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  • In a spontaneous manner; with spontaneity.

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  • adv. in a spontaneous manner
  • adv. without advance preparation


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spontaneous +‎ -ly


  • The bottom line for all of this is the multifaceted observation that atoms join spontaneously to form molecules, consistent with energy relationships.

    Attached to Strings

  • In regard to the theological level of this theme of variation in complex systems, I loved the notion of "God" being the consciousness of nature, emerging -- like Cylon self-awareness, or genetic variations -- spontaneously from the sheer complexity of the universe.

    MIND MELD: If We Ran Battlestar Galactica

  • "The problem of how meaningful or semantic information can emerge spontaneously from a collection of mindless molecules subject to blind and purposeless forces presents a deep conceptual challenge."

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • A celebration with roots in history, that has developed and spread spontaneously, is infinitely preferable to picking the birthday (in January, no less) of a single man.

    Quote of the Day: Juneteenth!

  • "Consumers trust the opinions of other consumers, and the response rate to messages disseminated spontaneously is obviously an appealing result," said Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer senior analyst.

    Targeting Word-of-Mouth Influencers | Impact Lab

  • This spontaneously translates into communication and action in response to others, and this exerts an influence on them.

    Five Buddha-Family Traits in Daily Life: Gelug Anuttarayoga Tantra and Karma Kagyu Mahamudra Presentations

  • These two movements have one thing in common: they have sprung spontaneously from the individual's deep and firmly rooted conviction that the ordinary man and woman is capable of making a meaningful contribution to peace.

    The Nobel Peace Prize 1977 - Presentation Speech

  • And there are all the groupings and sentiments and customs which derive spontaneously from the facts that human beings are associated in work and that man is a social animal.

    Why Do We Need Formal Organization?

  • For Africa's sake we shall do well to bear this in mind in this unsettled hour, for the political movements now to be discerned do not come spontaneously from the African people; they are foreign in origin, though in some cases, inspired and directed by Africans with foreign training and foreign money.

    The Empire in Africa and the Middle East

  • Such remarks seemed to be generated spontaneously from the air of the kitchen.

    Down and Out in Paris and London


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  • “Other insects are not derived from living parentage, but are generated spontaneously: some out of dew falling on leaves, ordinarily in spring-time, but not seldom in winter when there has been a stretch of fair weather and southerly winds; others grow in decaying mud or dung; others in timber, green or dry; some in the hair of animals; some in the flesh of animals; some in excrements: and some from excrement after it has been voided, and some from excrement yet within the living animal, like the helminthes or intestinal worms.” --from the Wordnik examples

    October 1, 2011