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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of spraddle.


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  • When he arose, it was noticeable that he stood with legs spraddled over a large grass basket.


  • He thanked her for the dances, ordered another beer, took the glare from her man, a thickset pimp, his legs spraddled on a barstool up front.

    Come Again No More

  • As it clings, the spraddled shape seems to curve slightly with the earth's roundness.

    The Mall of America

  • Lying on his stomach on the floor of the aircar, his arms spraddled out in front of him, Takuuna marveled at the human's indifference.

    Sliding Scales

  • So in short order Ada found herself bent backward over the mossy well lip, canted in a pose with little to recommend it in the way of dignity or comfort, back arched, hips forward, legs spraddled for balance.

    Cold Mountain

  • He shook out his hide and spraddled his legs and pissed a long and satisfying piss.

    Cold Mountain

  • Then she shifted her legs and the covers slipped down, revealing her fine slim legs wrapped around Kronk, her pale thighs spraddled out obscenely, her hard little heels drumming against that hairy, blubbery ass as it pumped away and pumped away and pumped away until Kinch couldn't stand it any longer.

    The Girls He Adored

  • The draconian lay on his belly, legs spraddled, the fight gone out of him at last.

    Dragons Of A Lost Star

  • Seeing the naked, spraddled woman with the arrows in her chest made her realize how lucky she was; and how lucky Pearl was, and Clara herself, and all the women who were still alive.

    Comanche Moon

  • He walked with some difficulty and, as Aunt Pitty had remarked, spraddled in a very vulgar way.

    Gone with the Wind


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  • The word is used in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying to describe the mules carried away in the flood waters, "I see the mules come rolling slow up out of the water, their legs spraddled stiff..."

    June 19, 2009