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  • v. Alternative spelling of spread-eagle.


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See spread-eagle


  • He throws himself on the bed spreadeagle, with his hand rubbing his thigh.

    Susie Bright: George and Martha Do It One More Time

  • Number four, fix up your spreadeagle and pull your weight! —

    Finnegans Wake

  • The circle of men collapses in on top of me, and two hundred hands clamp around every inch of my arms and legs and I'm lifted spreadeagle toward the light.

    Fight Club

  • In the next room Douglas is noisily blasting a Nintendo enemy to kingdom come; Stacy has shut herself in her bedroom, with her ghetto blaster playing at full voltage, and the Gourmet Traveller is lying spreadeagle on the counter.


  • All three of our people were hanging spreadeagle, but Jeffy was the one their version of an

    The Alembic Plot A Terran Empire novel

  • Demi lay fast asleep, not in his usual spreadeagle attitude, but in a subdued bunch, cuddled close in the circle of his father's arm and holding his father's finger, as if he felt that justice was tempered with mercy, and had gone to sleep a sadder and wiser baby.

    Little Women

  • Iron itself, on the other hand, and crystal beads, brass pans and spreadeagle dollars appreciated in comparison.

    American Negro Slavery A Survey of the Supply, Employment and Control of Negro Labor as Determined by the Plantation Regime

  • The $500,000 at Tiffany's was for diamond and white gold 'spreadeagle' pins for his campaign aides. Top headlines

  • My bicycle and I were soon sprawled out spreadeagle across the tarmac.


  • He catches his momentum from a 6-foot drop on his heels alone, perfectly balances it to flip the guy and land on his feet, and since the difficulty level was not high enough he does a spreadeagle pose midair for extra style points.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg


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