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  • adj. Not straight; wavy.
  • n. A wavy underline used to indicate an error in text or code.

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  • adj. wavy and twisting


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  • And you can see whenever that line of red gets kind of squiggly, you know there's a big time straight-line winds.

    CNN Transcript May 2, 2008

  • See the two yellow kind of squiggly lines there, those represent roads, the Canyon Road and the Malibu Canyon Road in between an area that's been evacuated.

    CNN Transcript Nov 24, 2007

  • CFLs fit in standard lamps and come in many shapes, ranging from ones that look like traditional bulbs to "squiggly" models that take traditional fluorescent tubes and bend them into spiral shapes. - Local News

  • Nate Silver wants to scrap the "squiggly" audience reaction dials during Presidential debates.

    Crooked Timber

  • Mr. Kunkel is himself the author of a widely heralded first novel Indecision (2005), the cover of which features the same kind of squiggly, Saul Bass-esque design as Everything Is Illuminated (2002), the widely heralded first novel by Jonathan Safran Foer (Princeton ’99) — a cynical act of marketing that suggests both men offer precisely the same kind of transporting, highbrow laddie-lit experience to the Barnes & Noble buyer.

    Yappers and Philosophers

  • Betty’s mother, I guessed it to have been, had covered the contents with white cotton cloth, then had sewn it secure though rather messily compared to the fine stitchery I was used to seeing in my own home, and had written my father’s name and address on it real big, in the same kind of squiggly penmanship he used.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • The wiggly squiggly tripas are in a separate container to the side.

    Menudo or Pozole?

  • Then came the euro, which erased all those squiggly lines that used to divide up the European currency map and gave American tourists such a fascinating variety of pictures of dead politicians to bring home at the end of their vacations.

    Ian Fletcher: Why Have Nations at All? The Case for Economic Borders

  • The land below was a puzzle of squares and rectangles and squiggly lines.

    Amaryllis in Blueberry

  • David noticed that he was drawing a picture of a fire, with dozens of squiggly flames rising from a large bowl.

    The Omega Theory


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