squirrel-sized love


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  • adj. having the approximate size of a squirrel


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  • She also is credited with leading a successful program to bolster the population of golden lion tamarins, endangered squirrel-sized monkeys that live in South America.

    Panda Doc Devra Kleiman Has Died

  • #2–Male hunters did go on big game hunts, but probably only once a month at most; most of the animal food that people ate was deer size or even smaller game like rabbits and squirrel-sized which women also hunted.

    Rapid health improvements with a Paleolithic diet | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • The squirrel-sized numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus, VU), is one example - the marsupial equivalent to the anteaters of South America and also known by the names of walpurti or banded anteater, the numbat is the only member of the family Myrmecobiidae.

    Biological diversity in Southwest Australia

  • A new order of mammals has been named based on a recently discovered fossil of a squirrel-sized animal that lived at least 130 million years ago and was capable of gliding flight.


  • All the marks were only 4 to 7 millimeters long and 1 millimeter wide, suggesting they were made by squirrel-sized animals.


  • He shared the findings with Longrich, and the two teamed up to document a number of such specimens and determined that an unknown species of multituberculate possibly the furry, squirrel-sized ptilodus dug its teeth into the dead dinosaurs bones to extract calcium for its own bones.

    canada.com Top Stories

  • Two raccoon-sized traps, two gray squirrel-sized traps and a flying-squirrel/chipmunk trap were baited with peanut butter and Slim

    CapeCodToday Blog Chowder

  • A new long-tongued, squirrel-sized species of lemur has been discovered in Madagascar, researchers report today Dec. 13.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Dr Mittermeier first saw the squirrel-sized creature in Daraina, a protected area in the northeast of Madagascar.

    BBC News - Home

  • Sinornithosaurus, was a 125-million-year old squirrel-sized dinosaur covered in complex feathers.

    Signs of the Times


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