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  • n. A vacation spent close to home.
  • v. To spend a vacation close to home.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of stay and vacation



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  • 1. A stay-at-home vacation. A portmanteau word derived from "stay" and "vacation." Coined in 2003 in an article in Myrtle Beach's "The Sun News" newspaper.

    June 29, 2009

  • What yarb said. We have an extraordinarily annoying and overplayed radio thingie about staycations that stalks my sanity. Gah!

    August 1, 2008

  • "And he certainly would not have thought of a “journey�? as a simple weekend jaunt across town, or merely across the living room, in the form of a pseudo-respite known as a “staycation�? (formerly known as “staying home�?)."

    The New York Times, Pfffffffffft! There Goes the Vacation, by Alex Williams, July 20, 2008

    August 1, 2008

  • We're going to see a lot more of this word with $5.00 gas!

    July 7, 2008

  • Ghastly.

    May 13, 2008

  • UGH. is this even for real..?

    May 13, 2008