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  • adj. steric


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  • The post regarding page breaks in "Lolita" was hi-sterical; thanks for that.

    Concept of the unified text

  • So imagine my relief when he submitted his high-sterical albeit completely fabricated account of his recovery from heroin addiction with the assistance of one Mr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

    PopWatch is 1: Tom Cruise wants to heal you |

  • Plus, Gilbert Gottfried's profane flailing during the Hefner roast was hy-f*cking-sterical.

    That joke isn't funny anymore

  • And now, instead of this sad event making 'em hurry up, and get the thing done legally, she's took in a queer religious way, just as I was in my affliction at losing Cartlett, only hers is of a more 'sterical sort than mine.

    Jude the Obscure

  • Folks do get 'sterical and vapourish face to face with matrimony.

    Six Plays

  • 'We jes' can't do nuffin ',' she said, an 'she 'gan to sob an' go 'sterical-like.

    An Original Belle

  • 'No. I said she looked as if she was going to meet some one, -- and by - and-by comes Mr. Preston running out of the wood just beyond Hannah's, and says he, "A cup of water, please, good woman, for a lady has fainted, or is' sterical or something. "

    Wives and Daughters

  • [(J) -11.9 (u) -0.9 (lia, were a kind hy) 29.1 (sterical mix) -10.9 (ture of joy) 29.1 (,) -0.9 (and g) 9.1 (r) 2.1 (ief; she clasped her arms round her)] TJ

    Agnes De-Courci: a Domestic Tale

  • 'sterical sort of laugh, as they call it, and thought she was playing tricks; but all at once they saw that she was struggling hard and being drawn backwards.

    Rob Harlow's Adventures A Story of the Grand Chaco


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  • The tantrum and the hissy-fit were two of the most commonly used tools in the armamentarium of Hy Sterical.

    December 11, 2008

  • I look forward to the day I can use this word in a sentence.

    December 11, 2008