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  • n. A form of baseball played with a rubber ball and a stick, such as one made from the handle of a broom, for a bat.

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  • n. A street game similar to baseball, played with a stick, a ball and various ad hoc materials; found primarily in large cities in the northeastern United States

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  • n. a form of baseball played in the streets with a rubber ball and broomstick handle


stick +‎ ball (Wiktionary)


  • Baer called the stickball photo of Mays his favorite image in sports.

    The Seattle Times

  • Many rival Native American clans settled disputes through a game similar to modern day lacrosse called stickball, Williamson said as she showed children the traditional "stick" used to play the game.

    The Daily Sentinel: News

  • As for no equipment needed and a sport that can be -- and is -- played anywhere, basketball would fit that bill, as would sandlot pick up game iterations of baseball, such as stickball, stoopball, softball, etc.


  • Obviously, as in the case of stickball, the players will enforce certain rules, because that is the only way they can have a game.

    Ian Fletcher: The Obama Administration's Clueless Trade Diplomacy

  • Instead, it is analogous to the rules of a game of stickball being played by children on a vacant lot: its rules only mean anything insofar as they are enforced by the players upon themselves.

    Ian Fletcher: The Obama Administration's Clueless Trade Diplomacy

  • Decades ago, the iconic baseball image was not an organized game on a manicured field, but Willie Mays creating a makeshift baseball field on the streets of Harlem which he used to play stickball with local kids.

    Michael J. Critelli: Playing With What You've Got

  • Turning a rooftop tennis court into a golf practice range, using a Little League field to practice golf, making a baseball from fishing nets, or using a street to play stickball remind us of the resourceful joy of sports we must recreate.

    Michael J. Critelli: Playing With What You've Got

  • They were outside all the time, playing stickball and kick the can and football.

    Skipping a Beat

  • Although there was an area in the housing complex for football, stickball and other games, it wasn't until Mr. Swiss got into high school that he became serious about fitness and started running with his school's cross-country team.

    Running for Fun and Fund Raising

  • Maybe Willie just missed kids, like the ones he used to play stickball with in the streets.

    Len Berman: Top 5 Sports Stories


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