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  • But it's no a bonny thing to hae the word stickin 'about yer moo', an 'baggin' oot yer pooches, no to say lyin 'cauld upo' yer stamack, an 'it for the life o' men.

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • Bill Haskins, with a face like black thunder, clumped in and asked Mrs. Bailey if she had any "stickin'-plaster."

    The Ridin' Kid from Powder River

  • But there's something incredibly satisfying and 'stickin' it to the Man'- esque about stepping outside and picking your own salad, veggies, and herbs for seasoning.

    Buying green to avert global warming is like #%*&ing for chastity | The Greenwash Brigade | Marketplace from American Public Media

  • Course, when I've learned everythin 'I can from him, I'm choppin' him up an 'stickin' him in the freezer ... '

    Be My Enemy

  • Atween you an 'me, it'll no' be a bawbee's-wirth o 'stickin' plester that'll sair Pottie if Sandy gets his fingers ower him.

    My Man Sandy

  • They'll be hangin 'me up by my heels an' stickin 'a corn-cob in my mouth next, I s'pose, an' makin 'a regular stuck-pig out o' me; an 'then likely enough you'll try t' make me believe that _that_ proves something or other that nobody but you thinks ever happened, an 'so want me t' feel pleased about it.

    The Aztec Treasure-House

  • So we went slashin 'through the town, burnin' 'em out an 'stickin' 'em when they ran.

    The Black Buccaneer

  • There's a deal of difference between a determination to stick to a thing an 'see it through in the face of all odds when the thing you're stickin' to is worth doin '; an' stickin 'to a thing that ain't worth doin' out of sheer stubbornness.

    Connie Morgan in the Fur Country

  • Divvle a bit wud you catch me splattherin 'mesilf with morthar an' stickin 'newspapers in a hole in a corner shtone to show future gin'rations th' progress iv crime in this cinchry.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • There's nothin 'like takin' to a thing an 'stickin' to it, the

    Soldier Stories


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