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  • adj. of the color of slate or granite


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  • He by no means understood the relationship that existed between his friend and this girl of the stone-grey eyes and stern, red lips.

    Maurice Guest

  • And I got out my stone-grey paint and set about the house.

    A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings

  • In my judgment the house ought to be stone-grey, with doors and window-frames and verge-boards white.

    A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings

  • Slowly, slowly, the fishing-boats came closer, over the stone-grey sea glimmering in the cold dawn.


  • Thick, stone-grey scales covered the rest, pale as death on its underbelly.

    Chosen Of The Gods

  • Her face was in shadow, but his was not, and she could see that fires were lighted in the stone-grey eyes that banished all its masklike impassivity and brought a wonderful beauty into it.

    Blue Aloes Stories of South Africa

  • His lean, strong frame, the stone-grey eyes, and close-lipped mouth all spoke of that power in a man which means safety to the woman he loves.

    Blue Aloes Stories of South Africa

  • You had to make your own deductions from a pair of stone-grey eyes, a mouth close-lipped without being cold, and a manner not wanting in indications of arrogance that yet pleased by a certain careless grace and sureness.

    Blue Aloes Stories of South Africa

  • A point of land projected into the water, with towers and pinnacles of a small stone-grey town, with a cypress avenue leading from the station.

    Jenny: A Novel

  • Oh! for the spring out there, with the sprouting vegetation on the immense plain and the firm, severe lines of the encircling mountains, which man has robbed of their woods, to build stone-grey cities on the spurs and plant olive groves on the slopes.

    Jenny: A Novel


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