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  • adj. having narrow opening filled
  • adj. (of a nose) blocked


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  • Simmer with stopped-up rage that this thing he did, his hand on your shoulder, has just been joked about as fun and exciting.

    Valentines, part the first

  • Hard runoff has spread the driveway with seeds, green talcum, the sex of things, packed like plaster against shutters and tool boxes, the sides of the barn, and the force of water pouring down from the stopped-up gullet of gutter has drilled holes deep in the mud.


  • Then there was the possible 1902 murder of Emile Zola, who died in his sleep of carbon-monoxide poisoning caused by a stopped-up chimney.

    Dave Astor: Life Spans of Literary Giants

  • The English and their drains are just too damned stopped-up, which provide Boyer and Jones--her first, highly successful attempt at comedy--golden opportunities to delight us at every turn.

    Penelope Andrew: Cinematic Enchantment via Lubitsch & Chomet: Cluny Brown Revived at Film Forum, The Illusionist Debuts in NY/LA

  • If you asked any one of us to do something incredibly unpleasant (like cleaning a stopped-up toilet), we would probably think of a million ways we could avoid doing that task.

    How to Bribe Yourself to Do Nasty Things

  • The topic is a prickly one, and the film is not without its dark, squalid moments (at one point, Elias is forced to unblock a stopped-up toilet with his bare hands).

    A Migrant’s Fable

  • * I am buried on the sofa under the sore throat, stopped-up ears, gooey eyes, and words, words, words.

    One Late, One On Time!

  • Those of you who have endured the minor, but annoying, misery of viral upper respiratory infection know the symptoms of the malady and there is no need to minutely detail them here: runny-this, stopped-up that, fever, body aches, and a voice that has gone from my usual sturdy baritone/tenor to basso profondo.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Back in the day, of course, the shamed father would have removed himself to the garden shed or some other suitable location on the family compound and "done the right thing" to avoid the stinging stigma of responsibility for a mess now so large it makes the Exxon Valdez look like a stopped-up toilet in comparison.

    History Is The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

  • THE FIRST TIME I ACTUALLY took any notice of plumbing, beyond plunging a stopped-up toilet or anointing a sink with Liquid-Plumr, was about nine years ago.



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