from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having the tip or point tilted or turned up.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. (used of noses) turned up at the end


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  • The set is minimal, just a few stylized, tip-tilted ancient Roman walls and a block of pseudo-marble gradually being sculpted into a giant head of Tito; and costumes are equally simple, unadorned 18th-century frock coats and gowns in black, white, gray and a bright canary yellow.

    Dark and Light Brilliance

  • In the land of the shining empire, in a small province north of the city of Messaline and beyond the great salt desert, a princess with a tip-tilted nose lived with her mother, Hoelun Khatun, the Dowager Queen.

    PodCastle » PodCastle 96: Love Among the Talus

  • As she spooned the food into me I took a look at her, and noted dully that she was pretty enough for an Indian, with a wide mouth and tip-tilted nose which suggested that some Frog voyageur had wintered among the Sioux fifteen years back.


  • Yes, you are dead now and live only there, in a little, slightly tip-tilted graveyard where all of your childhood's Christmas trees are forgathered with the present they meant to give, and your childhood's river quietly curls at your side and breathes deep with each tide.

    North and South

  • Happy had the tip-tilted eyes of an Asian American and would have been pretty good looking, if not for the hate-filled expression on his face.

    Undead and Unworthy

  • He dipped his head to place a kiss between her tip-tilted breasts, at the same time placing the feather-light gift in her hand.

    Mistress for a Weekend

  • ‘See,’ he whispered as her bra followed the path of her dress and her creamy tip-tilted breasts swayed and settled high against her slender ribcage.

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • Her mouth was red, small, and full-lipped, her eyes tip-tilted and faintly Slavic.

    My Seduction

  • Michael stared — at a heart-shaped face surrounded by a nimbus of fine, sheening brown hair so light it was flyaway, puffed soft as a dandelion crown about her head, at eyes, silver-blue, slightly tip-tilted … “Caro.”

    The Ideal Bride

  • Her fine hair formed a nimbus about her head; the sun striking through the window gilded each strand, a quiveringly alive filigree halo for her heart-shaped face with its delicate features and tip-tilted silvery eyes.

    The Ideal Bride


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