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  • n. an Italian soup made by dribbling a mixture of cheese and beaten egg into hot broth
  • n. an Italian ice cream with chocolate shavings


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  • If you keep the heat very low, the whites won’t start to coagulate into long strands, as they do in stracciatella, egg-drop soup (and as they did on my first try).

    Simple Pleasures

  • The best two things were Jonathon Sawyer's raviolini and Missy Robin's stracciatella, with Roy Choi's meatball coming in as a close third.

    Samantha Zalaznick: Reporting Back From The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

  • The raviolini was the winner (my winner -- but I also believe the real winner of the text voting) because the stracciatella, though amazing, was less impressive as a dish -- it was just fabulous cheese with olive oil and bread which is hard to miss with.

    Samantha Zalaznick: Reporting Back From The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

  • Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal Hand-pulled stracciatella cheese The Italian eatery serves a basket of sweet breads $15 that proves the bakery here stands alone.

    Relationship With Food

  • And also try the hand-pulled stracciatella cheese $9.

    Relationship With Food

  • Raves for the stracciatella, the pollo alla diavola (crispy-skinned chicken with zingy chili flavoring) and the malfatti al Maialino (suckling pig ragu) with arugula.

    Fact And Comment

  • The thrice-weekly cheese delivery includes smoked affumicata, creamy stracciatella di burrata, and the delicate classica all made with milk from water buffaloes.

    Jay Weston: Obika: A Taste of Italy in LA

  • There ' s an Enzo ($16) with smoked mozzarella, pecorino, sausage and rapini (broccoli rabe), and a Donatella ($20), which is topped with piennolo tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius, spicy arugula, and stracciatella cheese.

    A Slice of Naples

  • Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal The Donatella, shown here, is topped with stracciatella cheese, spicy arugula and piennolo tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius

    Flashy Pizza in Chelsea

  • To me, that ravioli, with spinach and meat, was a miracle, like all the rest of her food: the stracciatella spinach and egg drop soup, the meatballs, the bean soup, and perhaps most famous of all, her rosemary chicken.

    Claudia Ricci: Psychic Ex-Nun -- How Does She Communicate with Those Beyond?


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  • And both delicious.

    January 11, 2008

  • OOH! I totally forgot about this word, and the food for that matter! And now I'm going to go get lunch.

    January 11, 2008

  • Both a type of soup using eggs (beaten into the liquid) and grated parmesan cheese, and a type of ice cream veined with chocolate.

    January 11, 2008