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  • transitive v. Football To ward off (a tackler) by holding the arm out straight with the elbow locked and the palm of the hand placed against the opponent's body; stiff-arm.
  • transitive v. To force or ward off by or as if by holding the arm out straight.
  • n. Football The act or an instance of straight-arming.

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  • v. To ward off by holding the arms out straight
  • n. An instance of this

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  • n. (American football) the act of warding off a tackler by holding the arm fully extended with the hand against the opponent


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From straight + arm.


  • I took my straight-arm crutches and fell into them like a failed trust exercise.


  • This would of course be entirely unfair as the Queen is bound by rigid protocol and utterly incapable of offering a straight-arm salute or even a regally-gloved single finger by way of a reply.

    The Queen's first visit to Wimbledon since 1977 rouses excitement

  • Tom gave him a good straight-arm shove, running-back style.


  • He can throw a straight-arm and still protect the ball.

    Montana Governor Schweitzer Criticizes Obama On Health Care, Energy Bill Vote

  • Jace marched Simon upstairs and down a short hallway lined with doors; he paused only to straight-arm one of them open, a scowl on his face.

    City of Glass

  • LaMarcus Coker countered for Tennessee a little more than 2 minutes later, using a nifty straight-arm to fend off linebacker Sean Lee before sprinting through a hole on the left side and outrunning the pursuit to finish a

  • All major Committees of jurisdiction in the House and Senate that have voted on ObamaCare have given the Republicans the straight-arm clothesline for those football fans and all while President Obama has been proclaiming his desire to reach out to Republicans.

    Obama Bets he can Roll the Speaker and 83 House Dems - Dan_Perrin’s blog - RedState

  • My form is lousy in this example -- the knees should be straight, the toes pointed, or the judges take off for it; and the best way for full ROM stretch is to go for a straight-arm hang between reps, but this was my third set of the day.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • UP UNTIL THEN, Clinton had been able to straight-arm the problem by refusing to answer the "have you ever" questions that undid Gary Hart.


  • Alemanno was once a neo-fascist youth leader, and his victory parade was chock-a-block with straight-arm Nazi salutes and cries of Duce!

    Nunc Scio » 2008 » April


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