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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin, from Greek askos, bag, wineskin.


  • Nonetheless some of the function names do have a certain kind of strange beauty, which the strstr () vowel-evacuated standard C library rather lacks.

    The Register

  • Essentially, Intellisense now performs a strstr-style search instead of a strncmp-style search.

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  • 'SUGGESTED_USERNAME' = (strstr ($uinfo [0] [ 'profile_url'], ". php"))?

  • Facebook Connect terms! if (strstr ($user-data [ 'user_email'], "@proxymail.")) unset ($sql_ary [ 'user_allow_viewemail']);

  • = "World"; char * pStrPos1 = strstr (strOrigin, strToken1); char * pStrPos2 = strstr (strOrigin, strToken2); printf ( "pStrPos1: % s\n", pStrPos1); printf ( "pStrPos1: % s\n", pStrPos2); return 0;

    Ohyung Blog

  • Essentially, IntelliSense now performs a strstr-style search instead of a strncmp-style search.


  • I guess you could have the accessibility tool do a strstr for button, but then it would be faked out by classes like

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  • One way of fixing is along the lines of Loïc's idea, for instance, string functions: str_replace (needle, haystack) strstr (haystack, needle)


  • The namespace (namespace CompatMode, using CompatMode as default) can use the above format, while the "PHP6 strict" / default namespace can use: str_replace (needle, haystack) strstr (needle, stack)


  • But once it started building m4, and in particular to test for strstr () time linearity, the virtual machine was frozen solid; qemu strted taking 100\%

    Planet Gentoo


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  • Don't let the definition put a sack (wineskin) over your head. strstr() is a string function in the standard C library and in PHP. An example of entry-definition mismatch.

    February 20, 2013