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  • n. A colorless oily liquid, C6H5CH:CH2, the monomer for polystyrene.

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  • n. an aromatic hydrocarbon, vinyl-benzene; a colourless, oily liquid, used in the manufacture of polymers such as polystyrene

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  • n. Same as styrol.

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  • n. a colorless oily liquid; the monomer for polystyrene


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin styrax, storax; see storax + -ene.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Latin styrax (or storax) + -ene.


  • However, near-term styrene production is uncertain since the production outlook is a mix of start-ups and permanent closures, according to ICISnews. com, which notes that Dow Chemical is expected to end styrenic operations at its Freeport, Texas, petrochemicals plant next week while IneosNova is planning a restart of its Texas City, Texas, plant in January.

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  • Chemical makers from Germany's BASF SE, the world's largest, to Dow Chemical Co., the largest in the U.S., are trying to sell low-margin assets such as styrene, which is used to make plastics.

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  • A resin being used in the process contains a substance called styrene, which smells like a strong epoxy or paint but officials say isn't harmful. -

  • A long list of manufactured materials, such as styrene, polyester, Teflonâ, Plexiglassâ, etc., can be used in place of sheet mica in the electronic applications.


  • The cars are die-cast models; the buildings are built by Smith, constructed out of Gator board, plastics such as styrene and Sintra, and found objects (and it looks like the old model makers standby of lichen for shrubs).


  • Also playing a role is the recession-linked drop in demand for benzene's downstream products such as styrene, cumene, cyclohexane and aniline.

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  • Asia is, however, a major market for downstream products of benzene such as styrene and cumene.

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  • We are starting to see the costs of several of our key raw materials, such as styrene, coming down in the spot market. Home Page

  • Who needs styrene plastic, CGI or even LEGOs when you have paper, a printer and some rubber cement?

    The Sci-Fi Cast ·

  • It goes without saying that these discoveries need to be tested to ensure, for instance, that the byproducts of organic decomposition are not carcinogenic (as in the case with mammalian metabolism of styrene and benzene).

    16 Year Old High School Student Discovers Microbe That Eats Plastic | Impact Lab


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