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  • adj. Not reduced or subjected to reduction

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  • adj. not altered by reduction


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  • I know, I was one of them, under our TOS, Terms of Service we had to do twenty years for an unreduced pension.

    Do Canadian Forces Want To Stay In Afghanistan? « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • Then again, this is the same guy who dumped several big boxes of unreduced, raw air traffic control study data on Congress's desk in a fit of pique.

    It's Time To Go, Mike - NASA Watch

  • Note that the penultimate vowel of -ary remains an unreduced SQUARE or TRAP in AmE, not a schwa.

    Two names and a word | Linguism | Language Blog

  • Adotas: Google has been serving 2560 x 1920 ads on sites like ultrahighresolution. com for online digital camera retailers wishing to advertise unreduced megapixel-sized images.

    Google Not Testing 2560 X 1920 or 1 X 1 Display Ads

  • If they are saying “as a percentage of the traditional TV base” and if this means viewers that are also watching traditional TV at an unreduced rate, then they might be low, as you suggest.

    Online TV Watching to Grow, But Not So Fast

  • They who have got an unreduced dislocation inward are forced to put themselves into these attitudes, and this from no premeditation on their part how they should assume the easiest position, but the impediment itself teaches them to choose that which is most conformable to their present circumstances.

    On The Articulations

  • The natural state of matters is such as has been now described; and in an unreduced dislocation, persons walk in the manner described, for the reasons which have been stated.

    On The Articulations

  • Adults, then, who have this dislocation unreduced, are bent at the groins in walking, and the other ham is flexed; they scarcely reach the ground with the ball of the foot; they grasp the limb with the hand, and walk without a staff if they choose; if the staff be too long, their foot cannot reach the grounds-if they wish to reach the ground, they must use a short staff.

    Instruments Of Reduction

  • You can't start collecting a reduced spousal benefit before full retirement age and then later switch to an unreduced benefit based on your own earnings, says Social Security spokeswoman Dorothy Clark.

    Ask Encore

  • The problem: According to a survey earlier this year by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 30% of all workers think -- incorrectly -- that they will be eligible for unreduced benefits at age 65.

    The Baby Boomer's Guide


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