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  • n. Something that is subsequent; a sequel.
  • n. The fact or quality of being subsequent.
  • n. Mathematics A sequence that is contained in another sequence.

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  • n. A subsequent act or thing; a sequel
  • n. A sequence that is contained within a larger one

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  • n. The act or state of following; -- opposed to precedence.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state or act of being subsequent or following.

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  • n. following in time
  • n. something that follows something else


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From subsequent

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From sub- + sequence


  • * If this subsequence is more than 1 bit long, update the count of the next subsequence i.e. stripping off the leftmost

    4dc5 Sequence « dudegalea

  • First we'll prove a lemma that shows for any sequence we can always find a monotone subsequence -- that is, a subsequence that's always increasing or decreasing. is a peak if forever after that point going forward, there is no other element of the sequence that is greater than.

    The Idea Shop

  • The second method, called embedding-based subsequence matching, is used to find optimal subsequence matches in databases of strings under the edit distance or Smith-Waterman, as well as in databases of time series under the dynamic time warping distance measure.

    Mapping Methods for Efficient Similarity-Based Multimedia Re | TECHNOLOGY NEWS

  • Just as Benedict chose to close his eyes to U.S. torture policies and other crimes committed against humanity during his visit here, his blind-eye policy to pedophile priests and subsequence apology are anti-everything people of sanity and reason hold dear.

    Pope's Apologies For Pedophile Priests Are Too Little, Too Late. Nothing Will Change

  • The problem is that because virtual worlds are almost entirely built on the same basic rule-structure derived from DikuMUD, and because their representations of physical and graphical environments are ultimately so similar, this deep game becomes more and more known to larger and larger numbers of players over time, all the more so since World of Warcraft has evolved into the new template for all subsequence virtual-world games.

    January 2008

  • Informally, the “invariance under subsequence selection” is supposed to capture the idea that the probabilities of events in any infinite subsequence selected from the original sequence by a procedure based on the indices of events in the original sequence alone, will be the same as the probabilities of events in the original sequence.

    Hans Reichenbach

  • Instead of her husband offering vital moral or otherwise support, he abandoned her because of her bleeding and the subsequence infection that presumably engulfed her.

    The Horrific Tale of Sonkorey: the tip of the iceberg on the attrocities committed by Ethiopians in Somalia

  • Steve Carrell was actually being waxed for that scene and the subsequence scene of him walking down the street in his blood-flecked shirt is not a special effect.

    "I was overwhelmed by a sudden access of lava-like agony, accompanied by the vertiginous sensation that there was no there there."

  • The proof only works because when you divide the sequence in half, only one subsequence contains a non-random element.

    Clear Thinking?

  • If there is more than one non-random element then each subsequence can contain a non-random element; and repeated divisions would not be able to determine the exact location of the random elements (a necessary feature of the proof in order to set up a reductio).

    Clear Thinking?


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