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  • n. Eye dialect spelling of son of a bitch, representing US English.


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  • As sure as I fail to make that flight and decide to hang around Lake Chapala, some sumbitch is gonna run over me on the carretera and that entrecote with the bernaise sauce is going to be warming the belly of some Frenchman while they squeeze The Dawg into a plastic bag. ms mac

    The Flu in Mexico

  • In my hometown of Greenville, Alabama I swear to God they picked up the garbage six days a week in the 1950s with this huge open binned garbage truck driven by a white guy upon which about 10 African American guys rode gabbing away and working their asses off and there were no plastic garbage bags but big steel grey garbage cans and furthermore every spring and summer there was this other African American guy who came calling at our home about twice a week in a wooden open wagon pulled by a mule selling peas and collards and turnips and tomatoes and what have you and now that sumbitch is dead and I am nearly dead and that´s the way it is and that is a southern story and there were no Mexicans and we ate Hormel canned tamales with Tabasco Sauce and I always felt sorry for Mexicans who I thought in those days ate those sorry excuses for tamales and those Chinese guys who had to eat (as I thought) that canned chow mein and those fried noodles we ate every thursday night when mama refused to cook.

    Southern Justice

  • A sumbitch is the Texas word for ` fella 'or ` guy.'

    Booknotes 10th Anniversary

  • You really are a "sumbitch", to quote your favorite expression, and I really dont 'understand why more people, other than myself, don't call you on your endless stream of crap.

    Mexican pesos bonds

  • "Well I'll be sumbitch," I thought out loud, "the little Marxists buggers really are feeding us road kill!"


  • I mean, this sumbitch smirked his way through thousands of innocent kids 'lives, possibly ruined a generation financially, may have squandered our environmental future, and worse, made his henchmen (and women) do his dirty work for him - and I couldn't muster up any horrified and righteous indignation.

    remind me again of the unforgettable

  • First thought upon hearing the "Bush kept the American people safe" talking point is that the sumbitch always wears a condom.

    Election Central Morning Roundup

  • So here's my question: If the Democrats can't get anything important done because the margin is no tight and Lieberman is going to vote with the GOP, why not just kick the sumbitch out of his committee assignments, let him go over to the other side, and say he wasn't helping us get done what we need to get done for the American people.

    Senate Vote On Resolution Calling For Withdrawal Falls Short

  • So Reid has to hold his nose and "take more meetings" with the traitorous sumbitch, keeping him on the line long enough to see the lay of the land, so to speak.

    Lieberman Aide Threatens Reid: He'll Bolt Dem Caucus

  • I tried making some sort of deal with the owner, but he was one ornery sumbitch.

    A Western Fable: Waist-Deep in the Big Muddy (Again)


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