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  • adj. Having a Lebesgue integral


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sum +‎ -able


  • In other words: an orthoalgebra is ortho-coherent if and only if finite pair-wise summable subsets of

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  • Yes, i might have 20 over articles, but quite a summable number of them are already marked.

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  • Or suppose that observation contradicted the classic model of linearly summable velocities – oh, wait, it did.

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  • * Spoilers or a non-winning candidate can change the election outcome, (unless you assume, like "Fair" Vote and Eric Zorn do, that voters will never vote for third party candidates in sufficient numbers for third parties to come close to actually challenging one of the top two political parties.) * IRV requires centralized voting counting because it is * not* precinct summable.


  • In particular there exist non-absolutely summable series that are still unconditionally summable, in contrast to the situation for scalars, in which one has the

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  • (In particular, proper dense subspaces of Hilbert spaces are not Hilbert spaces.) of doubly infinite square-summable sequences is a Hilbert space.

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  • The image V of this isometry is the smallest closed subspace of H that contains Note the contrast here between conditional and unconditional summability (which needs only square-summability of the coefficients are absolutely summable).

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