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  • adj. Incapable of erring; infallible.
  • adj. Containing no errors.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to inerrancy. Without error, particularly used in reference to the Bible.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Unerring; free from error.

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  • adj. not liable to error


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  • There seems to be a great desire to cling to the term inerrant while turning it into something else entirely.

    Ken Schenck on The Chicago Declaration on Biblical Inerrancy

  • If you aren't troubled by the loss of the word inerrant then chuck it.

    Ochuk's blog

  • I'm still not clear what it means to treat the propositions in this passage as "inerrant" - or, if these aren't propositions, then in what sense are non-propositional statements appropriately categorized as either "errant" or "inerrant"?

    The Inerrancy of Ecclesiastes 9:2-6

  • What has been the modern history of viewing the Bible as "inerrant" - that is, literally true in all its details?

    Minnesota Atheists News

  • Also, the notion of inerrant scripture is, to me, untenable based on transcription and translation.

    I'm Down with Jesus -- It's Christ That Gives Me Problems (Part 2)

  • They don't worship a Power that is actually great enough to create the intricacies of the natural world, but rather a golden calf called the inerrant Bible or the inerrant Koran.

    The Full Feed from

  • However, while this view can be accepted in an "inerrant" sense....believing that the texts, in and of themselves, are fully empowered by God to reveal truths about mortality/immortality....they are also fully acceptable in "non-inerrant" views.

    The Inerrancy of Ecclesiastes 9:2-6

  • I'm not defending an "inerrant" view of Ecclesiastes....merely saying that it can be worked into both and inerrant and non-inerrant approach.

    The Inerrancy of Ecclesiastes 9:2-6

  • One irony, of course, is that this passage, which is so clearly at odds with later Christian doctrines about the afterlife, could probably be accepted as "inerrant" by many people today - but not by most Christians!

    The Inerrancy of Ecclesiastes 9:2-6

  • I found myself wondering yet again today what those who speak of the Bible as "inerrant" do with Ecclesiastes 9:2-6.

    The Inerrancy of Ecclesiastes 9:2-6


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