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  • n. The holding of a summit conference: "Modern summitry began at Versailles in 1919” ( George F. Will).
  • n. Participation in summit conferences.

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  • n. The holding of a summit (conference)
  • n. Participation in a summit


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  • Since Kim Jong Il has emphasized that he will “never” go back to the six-party talks, then perhaps it is time for two-party summitry, which is what the other members of the six-party forum have urged in recent years.

    The U.S. and North Korea: The Need for an About Face

  • The Elysée has made clear that whoever succeeds finance minister Christine Lagarde – when she goes to the IMF to replace the tarnished Dominique Strauss-Kahn – will have to speak excellent English to cope with all the international summitry.

    Hugh Muir's Diary

  • Remaining disagreements are serious, and that means we're far from through with euro-crisis summitry.

    Everyone Bails Out Everyone

  • The study's lead authors, World Bank economists Indermit Gill and Martin Raiser, conclude that the Continent's basic growth model of the last half-century is seriously amiss, and that it will take more than well-meaning summitry to fix it.

    Why Europe Isn't Growing

  • In trade negotiations and international financial summitry, for instance, China often plays a peripheral role.

    Massive Population Lifts Nation's Growth

  • Today, as we observe the now bizarre ritual of failed European summitry, the uninspiring posturing of Europe's "leaders," the short-term political risk aversion, leading to chronic errors and splits with potentially dangerous long term consequences, one cannot but wonder to what extent these politicians grasp the magnitude of what they are putting at risk by their petty politicking.

    Notable & Quotable

  • President Nicolas Sarkozy sought to restrict the summitry to the 17 countries of the eurozone, while the Polish prime minister, Donald Tusk, insisted that non-euro countries who sign up to the new pact should be allowed to attend.

    Germany to set the terms for saving the euro

  • It's also got its own currency, so, unlike the travails of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy or Spain, its woes don't require the endless fearful summitry of a disapproving euro zone, where progress comes in tiny increments if at all.

    U.K. Debt Plan Can't Cover All Its Sins

  • Yet the details of the ESM remain sketchy and there is a cost to delay: as our foreign correspondents discovered when they asked some of the eurozone's voters last week what they thought of the patchwork of bailouts, cutbacks and frantic summitry.

    Eurozone's citizens split amid battle to stop debt crisis spreading

  • The G-20 document came at the end of three days of economic summitry.

    Leaders Walk Economic Tightrope In Canada


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  • 1 the act or practice of holding a summit meeting, esp. to conduct diplomatic negotiations.

    2. the art or technique of conducting summit meetings.

    3. summit meetings collectively.

    December 24, 2008