from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Smitten or lighted by the rays of the sun.


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  • His direction was westward; walking at a steady, purposeful pace, with cheery countenance and eyes that gave sign of pleasure as often as they turned to the sun-smitten clouds, he struck across

    New Grub Street

  • This gross, profane, sun-smitten, sea-rejected herald of civilisation, disowned by his fellows, disinherited of the world, defiled the spot, and his voice created an inaugural discord.

    Tropic Days

  • On the other hand, the eastern mind, which knew the terrors of a sun-smitten land and of a heat that was torture, had for a hell a fiery place of constantly burning flames.

    A Book of Myths

  • Her charming face immediately broke into a smile; her fears seemed to fall away from her like the dissolving of a sun-smitten mist.

    The Paternoster Ruby

  • The odour was in his nostrils now as he sat at the tent-door, and he did not dream that it sweated from the sun-smitten pines.

    Despair's Last Journey

  • He stalks majestically along, followed by his equally majestic _bueyes_, and one wonders of what all three are thinking as they trudge along the sun-smitten roads, regardless of dust or of anything else.

    Spanish Life in Town and Country

  • A network of air roots makes a grotesque circle round the spreading boughs of the banyan grove, mahogany and sandal-wood, ebony and cork, ginger-tree and cardamom, mingle their varied foliage, the translucency of sun-smitten green shading through deepening tones into the sombre tints of ilex and pine with exquisite gradation.

    Through the Malay Archipelago

  • Over the vast, sun-smitten land she wept, as her Master wept over the great city of old, and she did what she could -- no woman could have done more -- to redeem its people, and sought, year in, year out, to make the Church rise to the height of its wonderful opportunity -- in vain.

    Mary Slessor of Calabar: Pioneer Missionary

  • Ashore, the coolies on the nutmeg plantations had already brought out their mace to dry, and the baskets lay in vermilion patches on the sun-smitten green, like gouts of arterial blood.

    The Spinner's Book of Fiction

  • A vast sun-burned waste of buffalo-grass, prickly pears, and sagebrush stretched before us to the north and east; and on the west the filmy blue contour of the Highwoods Mountains lifted like sun-smitten thunder clouds in the July swelter.

    The River and I


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