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  • July 17th, 2006 at 1: 44 pm derdmeh says: sounds like the superbowl is all grown up now, favorite passtime of the sociopathic class: world war XXXIX, war against the memory of ever having been human and alive

    Think Progress » Is this World War III, IV, or V? 2006

  • i was thinking about the (oyin superbowl vid,) which i love for so many reasons. and i was thinking about this list of "Science Fiction's 10 Most Epic Love Stories" (?). and i was thinking about the dance scene in Matrix Reloaded with Lock and Zee.

    sunday is valentine's day. cimmerians 2010

  • i think you got it backwards kiddo. the superbowl is so much bigger than the today show. and there are more people watching the superbowl.

    Paula Abdul Talk Show in the Works? 2008

  • People who have a fit of apoplexy about their kids maybe witnessing a female nipple during the superbowl are the same people who advocate fail instead of proper sex ed.

    Crazy? Ig’nint? | My[confined]Space 2009

  • The rugby elitist fraternity are as arrogant as the Americans who call their superbowl winners "world champions". | Top Stories 2011

  • "The superbowl was the last time ull see me in a colts uniform?" defensive lineman Raheem Brock tweeted on twitter. com late Thursday afternoon. Top Stories 2010

  • Dan: hey, you have to remember that the superbowl is the * world championship*!!

    The Offside 2010

  • This ad has a special place in Adland's heart, not only was it the most complained about advert in ASA's history back in 2000 - four years later the curse of Sophie's nipple caused Paypal to shut down our account (where adgrunts upgraded to watch films, which allowed us to afford to show said films), right before the superbowl, which is our biggest crush of the year.

    Adland 2009

  • Trendrr says the Super Bowl (or "superbowl" for the character-limit conscious) reigned supreme, with everyone tweeting about the exciting game.

    GigaOM Network 2009

  • The Pats are not only going to get revenge for the week 2 "superbowl" but they're going to take out their frustration from the Colts loss on the Jets as well.

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News 2009


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  • The superbowl is, I think, a strange phenomenon. It gets a lot of coverage for what it is. I'm assuming it's basically the same thing as Australia's grand final? For most sports, it would be reasonable to expect that while there would be a bit more hype than for normal games, only fans of the sport would really care that much.

    But the Superbowl's discussed ad infinitum. There are sitcom episodes about it. They're even showing it here Monday morning, and it's mentioned in every news broadcast. Why is it such a big deal? Thoughts?

    January 31, 2009

  • It's the yank equivalent of the Melbourne Cup - I guess something like the F.A. Cup final and the Grand National in the UK. Except only the Melbournians actually get the day off work.

    In other words it unites the nation over something most of them don't actually care about. I've come to cherish it since I moved to Canadia. We have a thing called the Stanley Cup, which is always won by Americans anyway, but it's not as good. Stanley Cup. Superbowl! Stanley Cup. SUPERBOWL! One of these is naturally set in caps.

    As for the foreign coverage, that's just a function of America's cultural mojo.

    January 31, 2009

  • Do you have really cool commercials made just for the breaks during the Melbourne Cup?

    January 31, 2009

  • Not that I recall, so I guess that's a no.

    The Melbourne Cup is a bit different to the Superbowl in that the actual event only lasts about 4 minutes. Typically, offices have parties where there will be a sweepstakes and a bit of banter; people aren't really glued to the TV until the race starts. When the race is over you finish your drinks and get back to work.

    In Melbourne, where Melbourne Cup day is a public holiday, many people go to the track. Having said that, lots don't actually go in but party in the carpark. It's a bit cheaper that way :-)

    I'm sure the television advertising slots on Melbourne Cup day are expensive but it wouldn't be in Superbowl territory.

    January 31, 2009

  • Go Steelers.

    January 31, 2009

  • It's definitely an odd phenomenon. Other than the World Series (if it involves my town), it may be the only time I actually sit down and watch sports on television. Also, my mother is a football fanatic. ;->

    February 1, 2009

  • Same.

    Go Steelers.

    February 1, 2009

  • My favorite-to-watch sports events are the triple crown races. A couple of minutes of edge-of-your-seat-action, then back to the mint juleps, shrimp cocktails and what-have-yous. Perfect sporting events!

    Go Steelers.

    February 1, 2009

  • The only kind of football that deserves 'world' in its title is the World Cup.

    February 1, 2009

  • That's why we call it the Super Bowl.

    It's bigger than a cup.

    Go Steelers.

    February 2, 2009

  • football is stuuuuuuuuuupiD.

    February 2, 2009