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  • n. The quality of being extremely hydrophobic or repellent to water or of not being wetted.


From super- +‎ hydro- +‎ phobic +‎ -ity. (Wiktionary)


  • The researchers, professor Orlin Velev and graduate student researcher Vinayak Rastogi at North Carolina State University, made the jewel-like formation by allowing nanoparticles mixed into a solution to dry on a surface that repels water like the plague, a characteristic known as superhydrophobicity.

    Material World: Nanomaterials

  • The latter case is exactly what happens here when they achieve superhydrophobicity.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • "We call this effect 'superhydrophobicity,'" said Brookhaven physicist Benjamin Ocko. - latest science and technology news stories

  • This superhydrophobicity holds at all pH levels, so anything coated with it would be protected from even the strongest acids and alkalies. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Research in superhydrophobicity recently accelerated with a letter that reported man-made superhydrophobic samples produced by allowing alkylketene dimer (AKD) to solidify into a nanostructured fractal surface.

    Next Big Future

  • "Mechanical abrasion to the surface can destroy the superhydrophobicity.



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