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  • adj. Of a status higher than that of a senior lender.


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super- +‎ senior


  • You bluster about trashing the Constitution, review the Flag Code and and quit trashing this living symbol of our Great Country! supersenior

    Poll: Tea Party allies deny racism element, critics say otherwise

  • Arizona is doing what is right for her State. supersenior

    Arizona Poll: Majority support state's immigration law

  • The leveraged capital arbitrage of the lowest CDOs were subject to the supersenior subprime exposure, as opposed to the triple-A seniors, right?

    After the Crash, a Crashing Bore

  • Mr. Auwaerter said that rather than invest in Treasurys, he favors investment-grade corporate bonds and triple-A supersenior commercial mortgage-backed securities, which come with additional protection.

    Short-Dated Treasury Bear Shifts Stance

  • Merrill declined to say whether it kept Norma's triple-A rated, $975 million supersenior tranche or sold it to another financial institution.

    How credit wizards failed

  • Morgan Stanley and UBS -- frequently kept or bought these supersenior pieces, whose lower returns interested few investors.

    How credit wizards failed

  • So why, then, should an inconsequential undergrad supersenior think to add to the mélange of Classics blogs?

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • Instead, Plouffe - who serves as a "supersenior adviser" to OFA and its only direct conduit to Obama - was across town at a forum hosted by the Progressive Book Club, where he pimped his memoir, The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory.

    Random Thoughts from Random Places

  • And the way they did it was by going all in: whereas previously the firm had been hedging its exposure in mortgage by holding on to a long credit position in the BBB - tranche of the ABX index in November, soon thereafter, the firm rotated its exposure drastically by boosting both its single name mortgage exposure in lower rated tranches (A and below), while covering some of its senior and supersenior ABX tranches (AAA DV01 went down from short $816,000 to just $11,000).



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  • A student in their fifth year at a four-year high school.

    September 2, 2008