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  • adj. superlative form of supreme: most supreme.


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  • In New York there is a "supremest" court, styled the _court of appeals_, which has the power of revising sundry judgments of the supreme court; and there is something similar in New

    Civil Government in the United States Considered with Some Reference to Its Origins

  • There is a small but GROWING white supremest movement in America that has picked up steam because our president is of a mixed race heritage (BLACK).

    Steele admonishes Democrats' charges of racism

  • First off who is "we"? the KKK? you're local low iq white supremest group?

    Blitzer: Obama v. McCain a tight race

  • The hakim's air was one of supremest indifference.

    In The Time Of Light

  • ‘His extravagance, Mr Nickleby,’ said Madame Mantalini, addressing herself to Ralph, who leant against his easy – chair with his hands behind him, and regarded the amiable couple with a smile of the supremest and most unmitigated contempt, — ‘his extravagance is beyond all bounds.’

    Nicholas Nickleby

  • Steadily refusing to muddle the harmony by taking any share in it, and evincing the supremest contempt for scales and such-like rudiments of music — which, indeed, seldom captivate mere listeners — Joey did at first give up the whole business for a bad job, and the whole of the performers for a set of howling Dervishes.

    No Thoroughfare

  • At those concerts she would sit down to the piano and sing them, in her own tongue, songs of her own land, songs calling from the mountain-tops to Vendale, “Rise above the grovelling level country; come far away from the crowd; pursue me as I mount higher; higher, higher, melting into the azure distance; rise to my supremest height of all, and love me here!”

    No Thoroughfare

  • Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his Government talk of "British Jobs for British Workers" - a calling card of the white supremest BNP for the past 30 years - and the same Government ministers don't brief against the Prime Minister talking about his underbelly of racism, as such policies are 'devoid' of racism?

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Alot of White supremest branched off into various factions.

    Racist Science: Past and Present

  • Muta: Why soly smiles the supremest with such for a leary on his rugular lips?

    Finnegans Wake


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