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  • adjective Relating to marriage or the married state; conjugal.

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  • Pertaining to marriage; nuptial; springing from or proper to the married state; matrimonial; conjugal.
  • Synonyms Conjugal, Hymeneal, etc. See matrimonial.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to marriage, or the marriage state; conjugal; nuptial.

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  • adjective Of or relating to the state of being married.

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  • adjective of or relating to marriage or to the relationship between a wife and husband
  • adverb in a conjugal manner


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[Latin cōnūbiālis, from cōnūbium, marriage : com-, com- + nūbere, to marry.]

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1650s, from Latin connūbiālis, from connūbium ("marriage, wedlock") (variants of cōnūbiālis ("pertaining to wedlock"), from cōnūbium ("marriage, wedlock")) from com- ("together") (English com-) + nūbō ("marry, to take as husband") (from which nubile) from Proto-Indo-European *sneubho- (“to marry, to wed”).


  • But is not this much more agreeable and animated than the sweet dalliance of a sugar-plum life, or the dull, monotonous existence resembling a Dutch canal, which we term connubial happiness? "

    The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One

  • Review: A good story that grabs your attention right away with, for better or worse, a mental image of Santa and an elf locked in ... connubial congress.

    REVIEW: Alternate Gerrolds by David Gerrold

  • ROBBINS: One of the first activities they participate in is called connubial bliss, where the sexual history during C.B., as it's called, each member must spend an evening standing in front of the other 14 bonesmen and recount his or her entire sexual and romantic history.

    CNN Transcript Nov 12, 2009

  • Next in importance to the connubial is the convivial legislation of caste.

    India, Its Life and Thought

  • "God of Carnage," now with the barbed assault of Ayckbourn's triptych, the director pretty much shreds the notion of connubial bliss.

  • University officers and secret-society members, while its existence as a gazetteer was justified by a very few "connubial" items.

    The University of Michigan

  • How honest Charles was in such professions, and what was the kind of connubial happiness which he was preparing for his bride, is shown by the fact that he was even now spending all his time with Lady Castlemaine; and, to reconcile her to his marriage with Catharine, he had promised her that he would make her one of the ladies of the queen's bed chamber as soon as she arrived in London, which would give him constant opportunities of being in her society.

    History of King Charles the Second of England

  • Just a few of the most famous objects, including the Euphronios krater stolen by tomb robbers and recovered three years ago from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Sarcophagus of the Spouses, an enchanting icon of connubial conviviality, rate display cases of their own.

    The Joy of Museums That Live in the Past

  • After 16 years of tri-connubial bliss (Christine joined the family in 1994), Kody is now gaga for Robin, a 30-year-old divorced mother of three, who lives five hours away.

    TLC's 'Sister Wives': Frank, entertaining TV about polygamist Browns in Utah

  • This compares quite easily to David Arquette -- it has all the hallmarks of the classic post-post-connubial-bliss confessional!

    David Arquette? The subtle art of the C-SPAN breakup


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  • Their connubial dialogue was one continuous rattle of changed subjects. -- ''Yashima, or, The Gorgeous West'' by R T Sherwood, 1931.

    December 24, 2008

  • Railroad telegraphers' shorthand for the phrase "Will not make any concession". --US Railway Association, Standard Cipher Code, 1906. Compare conjugal.

    January 21, 2013