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  • n. A form of advertisement, such as those placed in the classified section of a newspaper or internet, presenting personal information about a person so that they can get married to another individual.
  • adj. Of, or having to do with matrimony

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to marriage; derived from marriage; connubial; nuptial; hymeneal.

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  • Of or pertaining to matrimony; connubial; nuptial: as, matrimonial rights or duties.
  • Derived from marriage.
  • A statute of 1857 (20 and 21 Vict., c. 85) which established the Conrt for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, having exclusive jurisdiction over divorce and matrimonial matters, and settled the law relating thereto.
  • A statute of 1878 (41 and 42 Vict., c. 19) relating to divorce and judicial separation.
  • A statute of 1884 (47 and 48 Vict., c. 68) which substitutes for the restitution of conjugal rights formerly enforced periodical payments of money by the husband, authorizes the court to order a settlement of a wife's property for the benefit of the husband and children, and relates to desertion and custody of children. Synonyms Matrimonial, Connubial, Nuptial, Conjugal, Hymeneal, Marital. Matrimonial, connubial, and conjugal, like matrimony, relate to the married state. Nuptial and hymeneal are more suggestive of the act of marriage or that which is in close connection with it. Connubial suggests the fact that marriage is the union of persons of opposite sexes. Conjugal primarily means belonging to a spouse, and secondarily belonging to the state of spouses—that is, matrimony: as, conjugal felicity, responsibility, obligations, rights. Marital means, specifically, belonging to a husband, but is also used with reference to the married state in general.

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  • adj. of or relating to the state of marriage


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  • Let's call it matrimonial overdetermination (or, on the other hand, let's not).

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • In these countries, the prenup is called a matrimonial regime.

    Become Your Own Matchmaker

  • In this case, it seems that the court went directly to the mother as the parent most likely to be able to enforce the court's judgment. 114 Furthermore, in matrimonial matters, the courts did not always uphold the rights of fathers as legal guardians of children.

    Gutenber-e Help Page

  • Sarah and Jareth engaged in matrimonial bliss and happiness ruled their home.

    Hoggle and Lorali

  • The circles of fashion afforded more than one instance of this obliging acquiescence in matrimonial turpitude.

    Memoirs of Mary Robinson

  • And when he said this, it seemed as if the voices of Mr. and Mrs. Skratdj rose higher in matrimonial repartee, and the children's squabbles became louder, and the dog yelped as if he were mad, and the maids 'contest was sharper; whilst the snap-dragon flames leaped up and up, and blue fire flew about the room like foam.

    Snap-Dragons: A Tale of Christmas Eve; and Old Father Christmas: An Old-Fashioned Tale of the Young Days of a Grumpy Old Godfather

  • But even the family of Proba herself was not exempt from the rapacious oppression of Count Heraclian, who basely sold, in matrimonial prostitution, the noblest maidens of Rome to the lust or avarice of the Syrian merchants.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • [Page 148] in matrimonial cases belongs to the Ecclesiastical Courts; under which last canon will come Lords Cranworth and Campbell, and all the Peers and Commons voting with them for reform in the piecemeal law of England; – of that country which publishes a Liturgy for its Established Church, containing a Roman Catholic ceremony for marriage; overrules the vows of that ceremony by Acts of Parliament; evades them by the Marriage Registration Act; solemnly quotes them, as an argument for keeping women to the indissoluble bond; and sets them at defiance (as a form involving no legal obligation), when the indissoluble bond is to be broken for men!

    A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cransworth's Marriage and Divorce Bill

  • WAS Mr. Jellyby; and a loquacious young man called Mr. Quale, with large shining knobs for temples and his hair all brushed to the back of his head, who came in the evening, and told Ada he was a philanthropist, also informed her that he called the matrimonial alliance of Mrs. Jellyby with Mr. Jellyby the union of mind and matter.

    Bleak House

  • This was the only home the family had lived in and the place that the deceased called her matrimonial home in the 1930s.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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