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  • n. A rising; an insurrection.


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  • In the east side of the Morning Chapel is a window by Messrs. Burleson and Gryles to the memory of Mrs. W.R. Hamilton, with the Nativity, Crucifixion, R.surrection, and the three archangels, Gabriel, Michael, and R.phael.

    Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Salisbury A Description of its Fabric and a Brief History of the See of Sarum

  • Tower; and that, for this same reason, _'care was taken_ to adjourn the meeting to the 2d of December, by which time it was hoped that preparations for the surrection would be fully matured. '

    Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. — Volume 3

  • The Roo-surrection NORTH Melbourne powerbroker Ron Joseph has urged past and present players to remain vigilant in the quest to keep the club surging forward. | Top Stories

  • Jesus 'life on earth, culminating in his passion, re - surrection and ascension into heaven, was the key factor in achieving this victory.

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  • The attempt to dismember our Union and overthiow our excellent constitution, by a sectet mis - sion, the object of which was to foment discontents and excite in - surrection against the constituted authorities and laws of the na - tion, as lately disclosed by the agent employed in it, affords full proof that there is no bound to the hostility of the Biitish govern - ment towards the United States — no act, however unjustifiable, which it would not commit to accomplish their ruin.

    Important state papers : declaration of war, Washington, June 18, 4 o'clock, P.M

  • Any person who was inducted into the military or naval forces of the United States under any federal selective service act, or who enlisted in said forces in time of war between the United States and any foreign power, whether he served as a part of the quota of the commonwealth or not, or who enlisted and served m said forces during the Philippine in - surrection, and his wife or widow and minor children shall be deemed to have acquired a settlement in the place where he actually resided in this commonwealth at the time of his

    Acts and resolves passed by the General Court

  • Many of them believe that the souls of good people are translated to the garden of Eden, to wait for the day of the re - surrection; they accordingly employ this form of prayer for dying persons: "May his soul be re -

    Sermons translated from the original French of the late Rev. James Saurin, pastor of the French church at the Hague


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  • ...Gran had returned to the ghost of her husband, to Germany, and spoke a language now her daughters didn't understand, and had memories they couldn't share, back before they were born and waiting for their surrection.

    - William Gass, The Tunnel

    June 8, 2009