from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • imp. of sweat.


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  • Just because the swate creatures smile on the lad an 'flutter warm at the sight iv him?

    CHAPTER 16

  • "An 'ain't they seein' about it wid all their eyes, the ould docthor a-peekin 'at the swate little thing t'rough his goggles, an' puttin 'a wee bit t'ermom'ter into her mouth what for I do' 'no' unless 'tis ter foind out if it's near toime fer her ter be a-talkin '."

    Dorothy Dainty's Gay Times

  • "Don't you, in your ` swate little island 'call poor piggy ` the jintleman who pays the rint,' eh?"

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel

  • "And so ye've been locking up that swate crathur again, have ye, Mrs. McCrae?" were the words with which, in no gentle tones, she assailed

    Lewie Or, The Bended Twig

  • It's the soft looks and the fine words ye must use, an 'ye would win the young heretic back; ye may fight over her till the great day o' all, and it will be but a sorrowful waste o 'the powther, barrin' the swate chance ye are losing now o 'a comfortable frolic.

    Live to be Useful or, The Story of Annie Lee and her Irish Nurse

  • Oi'd dropped off into a swate shlape afther thet chap made sich a row toomblin 'out ov his hammick thet wor next moine, bein' three sheets an 'more, faith, in the woind whin he come off from shore; an' I dramed ez how, Tom, we two wor aboord the _Active_, which Oi wor lookin 'over ounly yisterday whin Oi come by Pitch-House Jetty, where she's lyin' preparin 'for say.

    Young Tom Bowling The Boys of the British Navy

  • "That I will, asthore, though it's little the welcome of an old woman will be to him while he has your swate face to look on."

    Only an Irish Girl

  • "Thin it's us till a nate little cove, or a swate creek!" exclaimed

    Motor Boat Boys Mississippi Cruise or, The Dash for Dixie

  • "Shure, she won't go in and risk her swate life," said Mrs. Foyle.

    Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures Or, Helping the Dormitory Fund

  • I see before me many a rosy girrl a-chewin 'cocoanut candy that ain't so swate as herself, an' many a boy wid his pockets full of paynuts an 'his head full of divelthries.

    The Belted Seas


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