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  • n. Plural form of sweetheart.


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  • High school sweethearts from the area, the Sandwiths long wanted to own on Lake Washington.

    Giving Up on the Dream

  • She felt a natural aversion for light women and the sort the soldiers called their sweethearts or "doxies," but it had been revealed to her that we should hold such in great pity and deal compassionately with them.

    The Merrie Tales Of Jacques Tournebroche 1909

  • And the outcome of a winding-up interview between the sweethearts was the conclusion that after what had been said by the father of one of them, it was necessary that all should be forgotten, and be as though it had never been.

    Somehow Good

  • "They do say, sir, that whenever the mistress turns her back, they two -- the master and the guest -- do go on like any pair of sweethearts, which is a great scandal, if it's true."

    Cruel As The Grave

  • In all of these so-called sweethearts-in-crime cases, U.S. authorities say the husbands and wives were working as equal partners in conning ordinary investors out of their money or manipulating the markets to generate a profit.

    Insurance Journal

  • Instead, they run their crazy "sweethearts" Palin and Backman out there and get them to act all "folksy" and hope that makes people forget that their actions from straight from the devil himself.

    GOP again blocks Wall Street reform debate

  • The "sweethearts" were grating on his nerves, and he guessed it was her answer to Gemma.

    Fox Evil

  • The girls had begun to talk of 'sweethearts' and husbands before they were well out of the nursery.

    A Life's Morning

  • When Joseph Ashman took his turn, working the poor old patient's stiff wrists, and pulling her fingers till they cracked, like children playing "sweethearts," she never winced, but actually seemed to like it, and trotted off well satisfied with her fourth instalment of good health.

    Mystic London: or, Phases of occult life in the metropolis

  • The young backwoodsman and I were thus left free to interchange with our respective "sweethearts" those phrases of delirious endearment -- those glances of exquisite sweetness, that only pass between eyes illumined by the light of a mutual love.

    The Wild Huntress Love in the Wilderness


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  • Sweethearts are small heart-shaped candies sold around Valentine's Day. Each heart is printed with a message such as "Be Mine", "Kiss Me", "Call Me", and "Miss You". Sweethearts are made by the New England Confectionery Company, or NECCO.

    The package from NECCO calls them "Sweethearts", which is the other common way of referring to them, but below that it says "tiny conversation hearts" as well as "#1 valentine candy." A similar type of candy is sold in the UK under the name Love Hearts.


    See also conversation heart

    February 4, 2008