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  • In a synchronous manner; at the same time.

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  • adverb In a synchronous manner; an action as carried out with synchrony; in phase or at the same time.

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  • adverb in synchrony; in a synchronous manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

synchronous +‎ -ly


  • There is simply no way you can configure the CLR ThreadPool (in any of the current releases) to obtain good performance when the back-end calls have variable latency (in the range of 20-200 ms), the front end is seeing hundreds or thousands of concurrent requests, and you're making the back-end calls synchronously.

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  • Here's the new versions of the remaining service operation examples called synchronously by using the new service operation methods on the client.

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  • If you make the calls synchronously, it takes ~400 milliseconds, but if you make them asynchronously it takes ~200 milliseconds.

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  • The driver call-back functions are called synchronously from the erlang emulator.

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  • So actually I'll build an additional method which will put the locks and call synchronously adaptee's method and this one will be the one executed asynchronously by the delegate.

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  • Messages can be passed synchronously, meaning the sender blocks until the received does a receive and the receiver blocks until the sender does a send.

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  • Well the good news is that the code will still run just fine, but it will run synchronously, meaning that you did all that extra coding for nothing.

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  • After all, if the poor and the wealthy update their opinions synchronously because the poor simply follow the rich, this is hardly good news for democracy.

    Income Inequality Makes The Poor More Conservative: Study

  • When the peak of the Western coverage was on Iran, these opposition activists were synchronously writing materials on Iran.

    Global Voices in English » Belarus, Russia: Bloggers React to Graphic Chechen War Video

  • A colleague has provided me with a link to a free programme that allows two people to listen synchronously on Skype to the same sound file with one person able to start, pause, re-wind and fast forward just as one can on an almost obsolescent tape recorder.

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