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  • v. to assume control of something, especially by force; to usurp
  • v. to adopt a further responsibility or duty
  • v. to relieve someone temporarily
  • v. to buy out the ownership of a business
  • v. to appropriate something without permission
  • v. to annex a territory by conquest or invasion
  • v. To become more successful than someone or something else.


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  • As Larry Berman notes in his analysis of Vietnam decision making, Medicare and the Civil Rights Bill were at crucial stages in conference committee during the very July week that Johnson made his decision to have U.S. troops take over the ground war.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • You go home, and the entire news media is going to take over West Wackadoodle, PA, and, while it might be fabu business for the local IHOP, they will camp out on your front lawn and spend the entire break tearing into your every secret.

    Paradise Lost

  • Meanwhile, a bipartisan commission known as the Iraq Study Group, led by former Secretary of State James Baker and former chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Lee Hamilton, set up to try to forge a new consensus on Iraq, proposed a way forward that would force the Iraqi army to take over primary responsibility for combat operations.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • They also insisted the scandal could have no impact on the imminent ministerial decision on whether to allow News Corp to take over BSkyB.But Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat president, said News Corp executives had by their conduct proved themselves not to be "fit and proper persons" to take over BSkyB.

    David Cameron under growing pressure to hold public phone-hacking inquiry

  • Their attention soon shifted to Don Rumsfeld, originally slated by Cheney to take over the CIA.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • It would be a useful function for the United Nations to take over the so-called nation-buildingI would call it the stabilization of a future governmentafter our military mission is complete.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • While only PNGS could help the astronauts make a successful descent to the lunar surface, AGS had to be waiting and ready to navigate an emergency return to the command module; in the final seconds before touchdown, AGS also could take over from PNGS if it failed.

    First Man

  • The team had originally thought he would take over second from the even lighter-hitting Denny Doyle.

    The Greatest Game

  • WHEN HIS SON ABSALOM WAS trying to kill him and take over his kingdom, King David wrote the passage above.

    It’s Your Time

  • A reporter asked: Mr. President, could it be said that as your new Special Assistant, Mr. Rostow will take over all or many of the duties and assignments handled by McGeorge Bundy?

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office


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