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  • abbr. hyperbolic tangent

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  • n. The symbol of the hyperbolic function hyperbolic tangent.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An abbreviation of hyperbolic tangent. See tank.


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  • This calculator calculates definite integrals of large variety of functions by tanh-sinh quadrature scheme.

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  • I. 36. < i > sûr parkâs ', tanh rain kahân pâïye

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  • To the developers of MySQL, we a team of 3 have included new hyperbolic native functions (sinh, cosh, tanh) to the source distribution and we wish to proceed with the testing phase and we would be happy to undergo testing under your guidance.


  • The following formula holds for all real numbers x: tanh À x ¼ Àtanh x HYPERBOLIC COSECANT OF NEGATIVE VARIABLE The hyperbolic cosecant of the negative of a variable is equal to the negative of the hyperbolic cosecant of the variable.

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  • the hyperbolic tangent function, defined as the quotient of the hyperbolic sine and hyperbolic cosine:

    December 12, 2008