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  • As a supplement to Theresas definition of tarletan, among reenactor and possibly other circles it is known as cheesecloth with an attitude.

    Don't Wear Green Tarletan Dresses - A Dress A Day

  • The tarletan Meg had was white, and she wore it with a blue sash to Sally Moffits weekend party in the chapter Meg Goes to Vanity Fair.

    Don't Wear Green Tarletan Dresses - A Dress A Day

  • And, swaying this way and that in her flounced blue tarletan, Mary rose, put her hand within the proffered crook, and went off with the

    Australia Felix

  • Miss Lintner made her happy, with a white tarletan dress that had done service upon festive occasions in the North, and Sarah was arrayed in a style that did not deteriorate from her preposessing beauty in the estimation of her sable lover.

    Bond and Free: A Tale of the South

  • It always moved up or down to a succession of screaks, unoilable, blood-curdling, that were intensified by Mrs. Bradshaw's weight, so that she ascended to the blue tarletan heaven accompanied by such chugs and long-drawn yowlings as suggested a trip to the infernal regions.

    Ten American Girls From History

  • Very curiously and cautiously she picked her way around the stage at first, looking at the scenes, so fine on one side, so bare and cheap on the other; at the tarletan "glass windows," at the green calico sea lying flat and waveless on the floor.

    Ten American Girls From History

  • Drops, the pot boy at the Crown and Sceptre, just round the corner, as the two young ladies, who had acted in the character of bridesmaids in the morning, stepped from their carriage on to the Indian matting which had been stretched across the pavement to the hall steps, all tarletan and rose buds, and ascended the grand staircase leading to the ball room.

    Vellenaux A Novel

  • I remember that night, when, bursting from the evening party in the parlor, and the thick red married lady in the thin blue tarletan, and all my raptures and my anguish, I flung myself into Aunt Judy's arms and acknowledged the soft corn of My First Love, raving at the fatal sandy-whiskered gulf that yawned between me and Mine thick blue Own One in the thin red tarletan!

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866

  • Already, in many a bedchamber, young women had twirled this way and that before the mirror, studying the set of taffetas and tarletan, or young men had polished their high beavers anxiously against the sleeves of their brightest broadcloth frock coats.

    The White Riband A Young Female's Folly

  • -- What a memory you have -- There you are still thinking of it -- No, I have not -- ah! yes, I have my tarletan, you know; but then a woman needs so little to make up a ball-room toilette.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete


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  • -noun

    variant of tarlatan.

    June 9, 2009