from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A small air-cavity blown into glass.
  • n. A tear.


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  • And that small tear-drop profile has nailed everything from stockers to Montana cutthroats better than anything else I've ever used.

    Spinners & Stockers Dissected

  • I can, however, spot a jailhouse or prison tattoo at five thousand paces, and I was not all that thrilled about seeing my daughter with a guy sporting a tear-drop on his cheek and a spiderweb on his elbow.

    Roseanne Archy

  • Trail, an undertaking that involved more than 30,000 people of all ethnicities, social classes and political stripes, walked 670 kilometers over the course of 27 days from Dondra in the South to Point Pedro, the Northernmost part of an island shaped like a tear-drop.

    Ru Freeman: A Few Peas Short of a Full Pod: Hillary Clinton & Tamil Nadu's Jayalalitha

  • Mostly, I find, the potency of even the most sorrowful children's book fades with time, like the scent of a floral sachet -- there might be a little lingering whiff of lavender, a tiny prickle at the back of the eye, but no sign of the once irresistible overflow and puckering plop of tear-drop onto page.

    Children's Books That Can Still Make You Cry

  • The bald guy with the tear-drop tattoo who always wears the same black shirt that says “FUCK” on it that works at the liquor store by my house having a short temper.

    Valentines Day Is A Crappy Movie? Noooooo. Come On! | Manolith

  • After the bones are removed, the roast is sort of tear-drop shaped.

    Meathead Goldwyn: Secrets Of Holiday Prime Rib On The Grill

  • The best Christmas present I received this year came in the tear-drop form of a candle flame.

    Jeannie Ralston: Mexico: Sharing the Holiday Light

  • The latest thing in "experience" funerals is a Harley Hearse from Milwaukee's Krause Funeral Home -- it joins a host of specialty funeral options available around the world, including "farmers being pulled to their rest by John Deere tractors" and "cremation urns that look like tear-drop motorcycle gas tanks."

    Boing Boing

  • Of countless troubles have I tasted, God knows, but never yet did faint at any or shed a single tear; nay, nor ever dreamt that I should come to this, to let the tear-drop fall.


  • And hast thou then the tear-drop streaming from thy eyes?

    Iphigenia at Aulis


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