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  • adj. aged between thirteen and nineteen inclusive; teenage

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  • adj. being of the age 13 through 19


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  • The simple reason is that initial studies of the HPV vaccine were performed in teenaged girls and young women, not in boys.

    HPV Vaccine

  • If a member of the party has fishy dealing with lobbyists or family members, or is too interested in teenaged pages, kick them out of the party.

    Sound Politics: Take It Like A Man

  • After railing against young adult literature's tendency to find and fill with itself whatever gap there might be in teenaged reading, my conscience requires that I give you the link to this year's Alex Awards, ALA's top ten adult books for young adults.

    Oh Grow Up, Pt 2

  • "Young adult literature's tendency to find and fill with itself whatever gap there might be in teenaged reading"?

    Oh Grow Up, Pt 2

  • When I got to Atlanta, I called my teenaged daughter Amy.

    The Tour-Bus Diaries: Visiting Jim Crow in his Bethlehem Condo

  • DynCorp, the US Defense contractor recently nailed for trade in teenaged slavegirls in Bosnia, is also up to its armpits in the drug-trade in Columbia, where they are assisting the DoD in, ahem, eliminating the drug trade.

    Boing Boing: January 20, 2002 - January 26, 2002 Archives

  • I saw this and immediately called my teenaged daughter because I knew she'd love it.

    The Venn Diagram Explains It All Again

  • She should call my teenaged daughter who received for Christmas a battery operated twirling marshmallow fork.

    The Place to Which the Good Ship Lollipop Goes « Whatever

  • A mother who is conflicted about her own sexual desires, for example, may call her teenaged daughter a slut and even succeed in getting the young woman to accept that label and begin behaving promiscuously.

    Why is it Always About You?

  • My intention was to catch up with some of my emails today, but, as luck would have it, I am busy caring for three ( "teenaged") ducklings. - Business News


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